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Shelter «AMMONITE»

An ideal automated solution for storage of equipment, vehicles and aircraft. Shelter «Ammonite» is self-designed and manufactured by Group of Companies «Lommeta».

Installation and operation

No special foundation required
Any ground where a helicopter can land is suitable

Structural weight from 6 till 12 t, depending on its size

Collapsible framework does not require large vehicles for transportation

Fast and easy installation by a team of 4 people within 1 or 2 days

Operating temperature -50 to +60 °C

Operational lifetime at least 10 years


Remote-control from the cockpit

Lighting inside and outside the shelter

Heating by connecting a heat generator

Variety of colours, possibility to transfer any image

Composition of the structure

The basis — lightweight and robust aluminum frame
(a heavier steel variant is possible)

Fabric — high-strength architectural PVC material

Special reducers provide safe operation of the structure

Power consumption of both of the drives is about 4-6 kW

The size of the shelter can be chosen according to the size of your aircraft

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